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Only in a Mall in Dubai

July 2, 2010

Would you get:

1) Some kinda forest/ panda habitat thing going on


2) a Japanese looking pond area


And a giant pirate ship…

 DSC_3405  DSC_3404

When I visit this mall again, I’ll be sure to take some pics of the giant Indian elephant statue. I saw some tourists taking pictures of it’s behind ( as opposed to the front view with an Indian man and decorations). Hmmm a giant elephant statue’s ass, such a lovely setting for the perfect “wish you were here!” postcard to send back home…

Anyway, yay it’s our weekend!! I’ve been behind on commenting I know, I’m so sorry- I will catch up with in the next two days. This tshirt dress is from Splash and it’s so comfortable for summer, I think we should design a few tshirt dresses for Ampersand Style now, no?

I hope the week is going well for you so far 🙂

cya ♥



  • you are too cute! <3

  • This is a mall????

  • hahaha! funny, I gotta go to Dubai some day! it seems so awesome and cool!! :)you look super pretty!!

  • Wow, that's a mall! :O

  • Wowza!! That's an interesting mall. Not that I'm checking you out or anything but your legs look HOT! LOL

  • LOVE Tshirt dresses! You look so good!

  • is this a mall?? omg. that boat wouldn't even fit inside our local shopping centre, and it´s quite big for a Finnish one. seriously.

    you look cute as always darling ^^

  • Very chic top…I likey.

  • Oh wow, now I want to go to Dubai just for the mall! Looks so cool!

  • Love it, would so love to shop there

  • aaaa you're making me want to spend all my time in oversized tees and sandals! and i lol'd at your description of the mall 😀

  • That t-shirt dress is so cool and you look great in it.

  • Hahaha. Love the backgrounds. This dress looks SO airy and comfortable, but also cute!

  • Roanna Fernandes

    Super cute tee dress!