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Once upon a time…

July 24, 2010

In a far away desert  land, there lived a curvy, fashion loving princess named Weesha. Although, she was a princess, Weesha lived a dreamer life and was not very rich like other princesses but this just made her more appreciative of all the little things she had in her life.

On a hot summers day, Weesha sought refuge in a beautiful castle named New Look which was famous for being filled with many pretty things- almost everything a princess could dream of!

While exploring the magical corridors of New Look castle, Weesha came across an invisible fairy that guided her to the hidden treasures of the castle. Amongst these treasures, Weesha found not one, but two beautiful pairs of shoes.

The first pair were gloriously bad ass and screamed hotness while the second pair were deliciously girly and versatile. But alas, despite the fairy offering them to the princess at a very generously discounted price, Weesha could not spend her money on these beautiful shoes. She had to save her money for food and shelter and transport. So, a broken hearted Weesha left the magical castle and prayed that one day she would find her treasures again, at the same unbelievable price.

Days passed and the princess could not stop thinking of the lovely shoes. Her nights were filled with dreams of outfits she could wear  with them, places she would visit in these shoes and how stylish they would make her feel. Poor Weesha could not forget the shoes, tsk tsk.

A few days later, Weesha’s Prince Charming, who is a complete hottie by the way- David Beckham has nothing on him- ventured into the New Look castle in hopes of buying his beloved princess at least one pair of  the shoes that were replacing him in her dreams at night. The Prince would do anything to see his princess happy and just so happened to get his wages that morning.

The fairy was so touched by his act of love that she gifted him Weesha’s second favourite pair, completely free of cost! The Prince ran back home and presented his princess with the gorgeous shoes, she leaped with joy and even shed a tear or two. Her heart was broken no more and the two of them lived happily ever after with their gay kittens.


Moral of the Story: Dreams do come true!

haha ok, if you can’t be bothered to read all the bs I wrote (I’m feeling especially creative today maybe) I saw 2 pairs on sale and considered buying them instead of being able to buy food or petrol for the next week. Common sense won and I was really sad. I did keep dreaming about them (I do this with clothes too- new and ones that I can’t buy) so the boyf went to buy the first pair for me as a surprise. When he went to the counter to pay for them, they said they had a special buy one get one free offer going on for their shoes and yay!! I got both for the price of one. WOOOHOOO!!! *HAPPY DANCE*

These are the first pair:


and the gay kittens of course


The shoes make me about 6 feet tall. Taller than the boyf hehehehe.   DSC04310 DSC04309  DSC04308DSC04312

I finally received Jennifer’s GIveaway dress today but I couldn’t wear it because it was a little transparent and I wasn’t very coordinated underneath, it’s super super cute- will wear it tomorrow with the other new shoes 🙂

Hope your weekend is going as great as mine ♥



  • Those shoes are so hot! I also love your whole outfit too 🙂

  • oh I don`t know where to start! 🙂

    the shoedream-hot boyf-gaykittens-fairytale is lovely! my fave kind of farytailes as it happens LOL

    the shoes are amazing, and I am so glad you have such a lovely man who knows how to take care of you <3

    you are so beautiful, inside and out. I would love to meet you! 🙂 xx

  • Nice history, nice cats, nice shoes, nice outfit… everything's nice!

  • so chic so fab! LOVE the belt!

    jessica kane

  • Those shoes are hotttttt girl! 😀

    Love your outfit too! 😀 such a cute story! Hehe 🙂

    xo Allison

  • Nice storry, great guy, love the gay kitties, you deserve it all.

  • What a great guy!

  • Anonymous

    Awwww thats a cute story 🙂 – vicky 🙂

  • Sigh~ what a beautiful story!!! And even more beautiful shoes!!! I need to find me a prince charming with good taste in shoes! haha

    I adored your story though, very cute!!!! hehe

    -Christina <3

  • grea story! those shoes are so sexy, love them!

  • LOVE the shoes! They look great. xo

  • Hahaha I love when the kittens make the post 🙂

    These shoes are FABULOUS! Don't you love when deals work out that way? can't wait to see the second pair!

  • AMAZING shoes! I just got 5 1/2" heels by Paris Hilton (I think you saw them) and I am like 6 feet tall, too. The whole WORLD changes when you are that tall LOL

    – Sarah

  • cute story, love the outfit!

  • cant wait to see you in the dress 🙂 too bad its a bit see through, hope you can work it anyway 🙂 yay. LOVE the new shoes, you look fierce girl.

  • Damn, those are smokin! Love 'em!

  • OMG those are A-MAZING!!!

  • Aw! He's wonderful! And those shoes are SO badass! I can't wait to see the other pair tomorrow.