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July 31, 2010

I came across a new store today called Matalan. They had a bunch of brands with some cute stuff!

I bought a gorgeous skirt on sale for just AED 29 and a pretty cardigan too. I wasn’t too impressed with their shoes or bags but I fell in love with a few dresses and tops. I came home and googled them because I’ve never heard of them before and I was super excited about the fact that they had almost everything up to a size 18.

So, Matalan is a UK based store and they have a bunch of brands under them, one of which is plus size. They also list some clothes up to size 30 but it’s quite limited.

Anyway, they have a sale on at the moment with free shipping for orders over 50 £, I couldn’t find the stuff I bought on their website so I’m guessing they have limited stock but here are some of my faves from the website:

s2418142c333_1 s2424520c359_1  s2419184c194_1 s2424910c359_1s2422101c270_1s2400712c416_1

But nothing compares to this grunge print maxi dress, It’s love baby, love!s2432711c101_1


Have you guys bought anything from Matalan? any complaints or praise?

P.S- The skirt I fell in love with was only available in size 10s and 12s so I tried the 12 and it fit perfect, I usually wear 14- 16s. Just thought you should know in case you do order something.



  • Matalan is my favourite storeeee!!! 😀
    They always have a good sale. love the maxi dress!!

  • liz

    the first dress to the right is hot!

  • oh man, nice stuff! wish we had that store in sweden 🙁 *sad face* lol.

  • I have not been to Matalan in years. Love the look of the summer dress

  • Pretty dresses! I like the flowery one the best!

  • S

    I always mean to try Matalan but still never have. I'll need to make some time!

    S x

  • These are cute!

  • Matalan usually has some cute stuff and it's so cheap! They usually do some cute designer inspired shoes too but I haven't been in the store, in years!

  • Where is Matalan in Dubai? I wanna visit the store too! Thanks for sharing. :))