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July 3, 2010

I bought new shoes ! they were from some bargain store  called Red Tag at the mall yesterday (haha yes it really was a mall, Dubai malls are huge and randomly extravagant- snow, skiing, lakes, 30 feet fountains, etc)DSC03946 DSC03961

I broke them in today, a little painful because I’m not used to closed shoes but they were so cheap I can’t not love them!

I also saw Toy Story 3 and it was easily the best Toy Story movie. Trust me, a Spanish speaking, booty shaking, seductive Buzz Lightyear is the funniest thing ever. And I just killed it for you because it was so unexpected when it happened on screen. Oops.

Oh and check out this great article by Patricia Morgado about plus size girls wearing stripes. The More of Me to Love website is pretty cool and I LOVE their slogan- Size Doesn’t Matter. You do.

I’ll be posting blog awards tomorrow, yay!



  • Love the new shoes! 🙂

  • your backdrops never stop to amaze me! the whole outfit is super cute ^^ the shoes are pretty, love the straps on them, and they go just perfectly with that lovely dress.

  • You have such lovely outfits

  • This is part of the reason I am ALWAYS in boots. My feet think anything that's not a slipper or a foot wide boot is painful. But you make it look good even through the discomfort 🙂 .

    The whole outfit looks great, and that mall sounds fabulous!
    I love you blog 🙂 .

  • Hey Dear! Thanks for mentioning my post, and thanks for your help! I'm so curious about Dubai!
    I don't use closed shoes very much myself, I mean, I like them, but I don't think they're very confortable.
    That's why I love peep toes: they are kinda closed but my toes can "breathe" LOL! Lovely outfit, very romantic!:)

  • totally cute shoes!

    note to self, must go shoe-shopping LOL

    xxx Anika

  • i love this dress!

  • I'm with LaLa… I love the dress! And the shoes are cute, too.