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Getting back to the groove

July 12, 2010

I miss doing the daily blogging thing, I get so restless when I don’t post something! I’ve kind of recently realised that I’m most passionate about this blog more than anything else, design even. So, I should make more of an  effort, no? even If it can’t be an outfit, I’ll blog something. It is Weesha’s World and Weesha often has a lot of mind spillage.


I made the boyf sit through 5 continuous episodes of Glee today, he ended up actually liking the show (or he’s lying to keep me happy)  either way I’m hooked. The only other show I want to check out now is Huge, I’ve been reading mixed reviews but I’m really curious.

I’m leaving you with this today hehe.

p.s Congratulations Spain!



  • You look so cute and retro. I love this look

  • Love this post. such a cute outfit & shoes!

  • N'awwww Lu you look so beautiful! I love the 50's retro look, it suits you so well!! I love Glee! And Huge…mehhh I'm still trying to get into it..


  • I absolutely adore those shoes!
    You look so cute 🙂 <3

  • Yet another amazing outfit.

  • You look so cute, so 50's I adore that kind of outfit! I see what you mean about blogging, I feel the same way, super passionate about it. It's like there's the life I life "outside" and the life in here, that is usually much more conforting 🙂
    Thanks for being part of this! 🙂

  • Red, black, and white always make such a good combination. I am a HUGE fan of red lipstick… LOVE it! You look great!

    <3 A

  • cute outfit, the perfect twin for the outfit I wore yesterday lol. you look adorable 🙂 the skirt is a great colour, and I love the puffy sleeves on you ^^

  • Love the black and white polka dots with the red skirt! So cute! and I am in LOVE with that belt!! You look so pretty! 🙂

  • looooove the polka dot top. i bought one just like it from zara! the bow in this outfit gives a lil girly flare to it! its sooo adorable! loves it!

    ps: ive never seen an episode of glee. i think i might check out one of these days.

  • looks great, love the retro look!

  • yesss ! I like this retro look … this dress is so cute !

  • yesss ! I like this retro look … this dress is so cute !

  • Sweetheart you look great! You know how to get well dressed!

  • You look great! Puff sleaves AND plokadots, what could be better!? =)

  • Love your look here, darling! You're fabulous!

  • I love Glee! I feel like I've been neglecting blogging lately 🙁 I need to get back on it.
    You look fabulous here bb, I love the colour of the skirt, the BOW! belt and the fabulous sleeves, too cute 🙂

  • seriously…you look so fab in red!!

  • I'm also a Gleek. Love the show and your retro look here.

  • thats a lovely colour of that skirt. and those buffs are sweet, although I dont really do buffs;)

  • So loving this – all of it! That top is adorable and I love the sleeves. And the white shoes, so hard to pull off, but they're perfection with this!

  • this is such an adorable outfit, love it.

  • I love the retro vibe!

  • i LOVE this.

  • too cute. love the red!