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Denim on Denim

July 1, 2010

Again, this outfit accidentally got put together, I wasn’t in the mood of dressing up this morning ( all I could think of was french toast which turned out awesome btw). So, I turned to my beloved denim shirt,. I have been meaning to try the whole denim on denim thing but I was picturing jeans instead of this skirt. The proportions are a little off but so what? You gotta experiment and sometimes you hit sometimes you miss.

I’m so done with dressing up to look thinner and I HATE it when people say stuff like “oh this dress makes you look so slim” or “have you put on weight or is it the top?” Like, thank you? I will never/ always wear this again?  Whatever.


H & M belt, everything else from New Look

DSC03941DSC03937 DSC03943

By the way, I’d like to thank everyone who has liked my facebook page, I really appreciate it 🙂

Hope the weather is more forgiving tomorrow- for you and for me. It seems like everyone, from Paris to  New Jersey, is complaining about the heat!



  • i love this outfit! I know people say jean on jean is a big "no-no" but i think you pull it off perfectly! I love the necklace too! Soo cute! You look great! 🙂

  • Hello hottie! again, another great outfit on you, this might be another one of my faves on you. relaxed and showcasing your great curves and style. Let`s own who we are! love it. 🙂

    and congrats on the blogaward!


  • double denim, yay!

  • LOVE the denim on denim! I wish had more denim to rock it LOL I too gave up the whole notion of "dressing to look thinner" – I'm fat, a A-line dress isn't going change it!

    And you look fabulous.

    – Sarah

  • Wow! I liked the combination very much! I loved the necklace and the sandals are amazing!You rocked it girl!

  • Im so into denim on denim…you look fab!

  • I think the outfit is lovely! you look pretty as always 🙂

    and I´m so not complaining about the heat! was gorgeous weather for the days worked and couldn´t use my prettiest skirts and now that I can it isn´t warm enough anymore. buuhuuu…!

  • what a cute outfit. i love that skirt!

  • I love your skirt!

    Time and Space Traveler

  • Cute as a button! Having a pretty face, you're fortunate enough to just about carry anything off:)


  • very chic! i have to try this look sometime.

  • Realy cute outfit. I'm especially in LOVE LOVE LOVE (Understatement maybe) with those shoes! I think you look great.

    I completely agree with you about the "dressing to look thinner" thing. Because we all obviously have SOME clothing items that do make us look thinner than we are, but are we just supposed to wear those EVERY SINGLE DAY? I've accepted that some things will make me look a little slimmer, and some will just make me look exactly as I am. (And some will probably make me look even heavier, so I do try to avoid those… haha)

  • You are working denim on denim bb! I really wanted to try this trend but all the denim I own seems to be the same shade!

  • I loveeee your top! It reminds me of this D&G top Rihanna had on a couple of months ago. It looks just like it! I'm still on a hunt for the perfect denim shirt! SMH

  • OMG this outfit is giving me LIFE!!!! You look amazing! and I love the accesories!

  • You're gorgeous, gorgeous!
    I'm Norwegian, I don't think we're allowed to complain when it's warm out;)

  • ow I love this outfit, I love denim!!! you wear it well!

  • I love the combination of the shirt with a skirt. That reminds me that I need to find a denim skirt…

  • I love this look so much, I just linked to it in my last post. I am actually one of the anti double denim people, but I have never seen someone looks so great in the combination. You are a stunner here and this is PERFECT. Love it. x.

  • I love this look. You could be posted on a GAP billboard. So cute.

  • I love this outfit! it's so cute 🙂

  • I love this look, you really got it right!