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July 14, 2010

I’m kind of at a loss of words today, I don’t know what to talk about today because there’s nothing new happening besides my love for Glee and work and time with the boyf & kittehs. I’m not complaining about this mind you, I’ve learnt to appreciate a less dramatic life. Let’s just leave that to sitcoms, thank you very much.

This skirt is so ancient, no clue where it’s from. The top is from Giordano, absolute crap quality. It has holes in the bottom and rips quite easily so I usually tuck it in. I’m not parting with it until I find a similar kimono style top!! I love this cute belt from New Look but there have been moments where it has snapped apart even though it’s a size M- L. Boooo!



Alright, let’s just make this post completely superficial and lacking anything substantial:   SEE!! KITTEHS!!

They’ve grown so big, I was just going through their baby pictures and they looked so adorable- big baby eyes. They’re 4 months old now and act like annoying teenagers but they’re also heaps more affectionate. Ryder is always cuddled up in my lap and nap time is peaceful now, nobody plays ‘kill humans toes’ anymore.

And they’re still the gayest cats I’ve ever seen.


I have to mentally block out some of the compromising positions I’ve caught them in. Don’t worry, I won’t show you pictures of this 🙂

DSC04062  DSC04068

Hope you’re having a fab day ♥



  • I absolutely love this skirt! You look great, as always.

  • Love the outfit, I love black paired up with blue! And your kittens are sooo adorable! Congrats on your furry babies 🙂

  • Great Outfit hun! I love the blue and the black! And that bow belt is too cute!

    and…Your kitties are super adorable!!!

    AND…thanks for the inspiring words on my post, i really appreciate it 🙂

    -Christina <3

  • I always love blue and black and you wear it well. xoxoxo

  • You look awesome!

    I love the pic of the kitties!!! Too cute!

  • You look awesome!

    I love the pic of the kitties!!! Too cute!

  • OMG the kitties are so adorable! I love that belt! i need to find something like that. 🙂

  • You look so cute!!! I'm really loving your top =]

  • You look great as always! I dig your style.

  • you and your cats are too adorable!! <3 no sign of the dress yet? :/


  • the whole outfit is just stunning! you are stunning! and the kittens are so cute ^^ great photos!

  • Love the outfit… And your kitties are gorgeous!

  • wow, you look both elegant and trendy, fab look! those kittens are too cute! I remember when I started living without drama, took a while to adjust to boring, lovely everyday life 🙂

  • I really like that outfit! And you look so good in it!
    Yay for gay kitties!:=)

  • I agree, less drama the better. And you look beautiful as always, I really love your top! LOL @ your gay kittens, they are so cute! 😀


  • Despite the skirt being 'ancient' I reckon this was a good investment buy as it lifts up your black top giving you a sohisticated edge(Love the skirt).

    Kittens are adorably-sweet:)


  • i like the clean lines of this outfit 🙂

  • They are so cute!!! What kind of cats are they? I love their spots within spots!

  • Roanna Fernandes

    You’re so pretty!