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At the risk of looking weird

July 28, 2010

This is one of those tops I kinda love- hate. Love because it’s so comfortable, hate because it’s hard to pair it with something different, I can only do black leggings or a skirt so many times.  Also, this is something my mom would most likely wear- her closet has lots of bright florals, well bright anything, shoulder pads, sequins etc (your average stuck in the 80s mom). It’s not exactly my taste with it’s big, bright flowers but I’ve come to love it some how.

I wasn’t completely convinced about this outfit  but at least it’s different and super comfy. I changed into flip flops later on though, and I kept getting stared at by men and women. I wasn’t sure if it’s because I’m chubby and showing skin or just the showing skin part. Dubai is quite a schizophrenic place, they say you have to dress modestly but you can see girls in short shorts, minis, tubes, whatever. But you’ ll have signs and laws in malls about dressing modestly and people will stare at you yet these malls sell all the stuff you’re not supposed to wear there. Weird.

DSC04393DSC04395SONY DSCDSC04398DSC04406

I like how I look a bit small in this picture haha, it’s a nice change :P  



  • I like the top and those shoes are amazing!

  • I think you look nice!! And the shorts show off your great legs and they work well with the shirt!

    I actually really like that top! But then again, i am kinda fond of the 80's look and the big bright blod prints! XD hehe

    -Christina <3

  • you look great! i love airy tops like this and i like what u chose to wear underneath!

  • Work it chica!!

  • liz

    that shirt is so pretty!

  • I love that top! It's so airy and light even though it's a bold apttern with a dark colour background. You look great!

  • I adore this top and am always drawn to rose florals. It's lovely and looks great with the shorts! The booties are awesome as well, but I bet the flippies were just as cute 🙂

  • You look really great in that top!

  • S

    You look great, as always. I really love that top and the shoes are fab.

    S x

  • The top is great. I like it with the shorts!

  • I don't think many women folk can get away with this look / style, but fortunatly for you you wear it so wear it so well, must be that big, gorgeous smile you have(Go girl:)!


  • Anonymous

    You look great! Sometimes men can get ahead by showing a little skin at work:

  • I love the top! I can see how it'd be hard to make cute outfits with it, but I think it works with these shorts quite nicely 🙂

  • hi sweetie, I think this top is totally cute. would look great with a pair of dark skinny jeans 🙂

    so intresting to hear about your Dubai!!! Tell us more! xx

  • I love the feminine floral paired with the edgy shoes!!!! Soooo gooood!!!!

  • oh you look so so cute! i LOVE the top! and those shoes are adorable.

  • Roanna Fernandes

    Thought it was a romper at first but you are carrying it off so well!