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She was a snowy day

June 2, 2010

Remember that song Jesse sang in Ugly Betty? I miss that show 🙂

So that’s fake snow behind me, Mall of the Emirates has something called Ski Dubai where people can, well, ski and do other snowy shenanigans, all on a mediocre level of course. It’s still fake. Bah. I’m not ever trying it out until I see real snow in a real place for the first time ever!

The boyf thinks its ridiculous that I’ve never experienced snow and is on a personal mission to fix this. Mind you, I’m the weirdo who always turns off the air conditioning and goes like “what?? it’s not hot!” to the person sweating their ass off. I get cold really quick so I don’t think I could handle snow and I’m not too crazy about those big, bulky jackets. I would look like Cartman from South Park in one of those, no? You could just roll me down a snowy hill, screw tobogganing.

Ok, end mindless rambling.

This top is from high school I think, I remember peasant tops were really in back then.

DSC_3290 (2)

Forever 21 belt, New Look skirt, H & M bangles.

DSC_3284 (3)

I learnt how to do a fish tail braid today from this cool tutorial


Guess what? I kinda suck at my own damn challenge- there was a 60% sale at Splash and I bought a cute dress and AWESOME faded leopard print jeans. But they were awesome and on sale. Maybe I could mix it with something really old to balance it out. Let’s see.



  • You look great! I really love the top and print on the skirt

  • love the skirt 🙂

  • haha, that is so cool, like a winterland, lol. I experience harsh winters here evert Dec-jan, not looking forward to that lol, love summer. You look super pretty! LOVE THE SKIRT and belt!! 😀 <3 ps. nice braid, I think fish tail braids are so hard to do, kudos! 😀

  • Love that skirt.
    lol, you're not missing much as far as the whole snow thing. It's cool for like a day, but then you get sick of it pretty quickly.

  • your skirt it so cute! Looks great on you!!

  • Love this and your hair. <3

  • I went to Ski Dubai a few years ago. It was awesome! I really want to visit Dubai again. I loved it!

  • you look great, love the blouse! and it doesn´t have to be super cold to be snowy at all, so welcome to Finland when we get snow again, haha!

  • funny reading this. snow is fun. just not for too long I guess. But skiing or snowboardig is absolutely fab. so get your butt up on that slope;)

  • so pretty! I love that skirt!

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  • As another woman who turns off ACs, I'm going to say skip the real snow. It's pretty while it's falling, but it is no joke cold and it turns grey quickly.

    Love the look and the blog!