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Running on Faith

June 25, 2010

It’s our weekend, yay! and it’s still crazy hot 🙁

I was so sceptical about these floral shorts I kept seeing everywhere- shorts that look like a skirt? wth?

Until I tried them on- they’re so comfortable and I don’t have to worry about some freak gust of wind hehe. Good stuff 😀

DSC03870 DSC03873DSC03875DSC03877DSC03879   DSC03881

I’ve always had a strange love for wings 🙂

Oh btw, we’re officially at now, buh bye fatprincessdiaries!



  • Love your Tattoos! They are hot.

  • Your top is gorgeous. The shorts are pretty, too.

  • I love the cullotte-style shorts or is it a skirt(So summery- pretty with classic navy top:0)!

    You sure know how to put a outfit together!


  • Oooo la la! I love your angel wings too(I appreciate your body art soo cool:)


  • Nice tattoos, and congrats on the new domain!

  • Congrats on the domain! And you look gorgeous of course!!

  • You might be the only hot girl with floral shorts on Earth!!
    Love the wings 😉

  • Simply stunning! I love your tattoos, they're beautiful like you 🙂


  • you look just wonderful! oh gosh I´m so tired my brain isn't functioning properly… anyway, you look beautiful as always!

  • ooh LOVE the shorts!

  • You tatts are brilliant!

    love this look!

  • I don't think I would ever think twice about these shorts if I just saw them in a store, but they truly do look fantastic on you!!!! Verrry cute!!

  • I love the tatoos!!! and your short it looks so cool.


    Also, those shorts looks so good on you. I think the floral sits REALLY well on your skin tone too. Beautiful hon. x.

  • perfect summer look weesha! always looking so cute and comfy, love it!

  • S

    You look amazing, I love this look!

    S x

  • Congratulations 🙂

  • Love the shorts — very cute!

  • your outfits inspire me. 🙂