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Quoting Mr Depp

June 6, 2010

Oh my! how come I never thought of googling Johnny Depp tumblrs before?? I’ve been so deprived, found this on one of them and absolutely love it πŸ™‚


Anyway, I wore this old vest today. It belonged to an aunt who used to wear it the 80s, this thing is older than me!

DSC_3287 DSC_3290 DSC_3283 DSC_3291  DSC_3296

The boyf is my awesome photographer, he actually manages to get good pictures and always makes me smile πŸ™‚ I was talking about how I wish I could share my blog with my kids in the future, especially my daughters so he got a print out of the Madison Plus newsletter because i was featured in it, he had it framed and everything so I could save it for my kids too see.  He’s currently checking out ways of converting blogs to books, that would be awesome no? I’m a lucky girl β™₯



  • Great shots and great quote! I love johnny!!! Did u know blogger is actually making blog books? go to blogger buzz to read about them. Sounds cool !!! Have a great weekend:)

  • I am coming out of lurkerdom to say I just love love love love this outfit on you……..back to lurker mode.

  • You look super cool in that outfit, uncomplicated and natural

  • are you serious Retro Reva?! I'm checking this out now, thanks for the heads up!

    And thank you for coming out of lurkerdom Omosi hehe I'm very flattered πŸ™‚

    Thank you very much Rose, I needed something simple today to cope with the heat!

  • Wow, these pictures are beautiful! I love them!

    You are gorgeous, girl!

  • dc

    So true!

  • those sandals are wonderful, and your bf does a great job with the photos! it's sometimes like pulling teeth to get someone to take photos of me, haha.

  • you look gorgeous girl! <3 and great words by Johnny!

  • Very cute outfit@ Love it! the background in your pics is beautiful! yes Reva is right you can make your blog into a book. I think once I hit maybe 200 post I will make a book as well! Great idea to have something to share with your children.

  • great quote, and great outfit! the vest looks so good on you darling!

  • Wow! You are naturally very pretty and gorgeous(I'm lovin' that outfit on you – so you:):) I love Johnny Depp too(I especially loved him in Edward Sissorhands:0).

    You GLOW Girl!


  • Wow! I love the quote, love Johnnys great style in clothes, and love LOVE that outfit on you! I think it might be one of my faves on you yet πŸ™‚

    xoxo Anika

  • S

    This is gorgeous and your pictures are fabulous! Always look so natural and at ease.

    S x

  • Kim

    Very cute skirt. Love the sandals

  • You look so cute in this look. I love the vest.

  • Anonymous

    love ur shoes….n u luk so pwetty,luanne!!!!

  • thank you πŸ˜€


    πŸ˜€ xxx Anika

  • so pretty!!!!

  • Your boyfriend sounds so lovely! I'm happy for you bb πŸ™‚

    I love this outfit and the quote! The pictures are gorgeous too.