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Polk me.

June 5, 2010


Not too crazy about this outfit too be honest, feels a bit too 80s. This top isn’t that old, 2003 maybe?

DSC_3289DSC_3296 (3)DSC_3285 (2) DSC_3293

We hung out at our fave cafe this evening, you’re looking at two delicious Citronica mocktails, yummy fresh baked bread and an AMAZING salmon and cream cheese crepe. Ooh la la ♥ 

Btw, please vote for a fellow blogger, the gorgeous Reiko from God’s Favourite Shoes, here.  She’s a finalist in a Blog Lovin’ contest and really deserves to win. The lady has Killer style and is such an inspiration. I love that she’s a teacher as well, I remember idolizing certain teachers who were so glamorous to lil’ me. I’m pretty sure her students feel the same way 🙂 The fact that she is “thick- hipped” is just an added bonus, Vote for her ok, I really hope she wins!



  • dc

    Your outfit is nice, I love the yellow skirt with the blouse.
    It's really beautiful where you live,

  • I like the outfit. It has a pinch of the 80's to it, but not overly flavoured of it. Love the skirt.

  • you look adorable, that belt and the sandals are my absolute favorites!!! 🙂 can I have? 😛 <3

  • 1. I love the outfit.

    2. That crepe seems amaizingly tasty!!!

    Have a nice week end!

  • the food looks great! and I like the outfit as well, it´s cute 🙂

  • These are fantastic photos! Love all of them!!!

  • the skirt and sandals are the best bits for me 🙂 but you def can carry this outfit off, polkadots or no dots 🙂

    I`m off to see about that voting now 🙂

    xoxo Anika

  • This is my favorite outfit on you since I started following your blog!(even though you always look great) I love love love the off shoulder polka dot top and yellow skirt together. Looking great girl xo

  • I love your shoes 🙂

  • I think you look fabulous, I love the skirt, and it pops against the polka dots…I like it 😀


  • S

    I love the hint of 80s! And your hair is amazing…so jealous 😀

    S x

  • You look super cute in the outfit, salmon is one of my fav dishes

  • love the yellow skirt! and lol, i'm wearing black and white polka dots in my last ootd as well!

  • I love B&W with yellow. Especially polkadots. I dig this!

    Sarah @ Return to Sender

  • The polka dots with the yellow skirt look great. I like this entire look.

  • You look great! Love the "polk me" title!

  • Love that yellow skirt!

  • YUM!! I love that outfit, I just love yellow and with that black and white it looks perfect! 🙂