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One more day to the weekend!

June 10, 2010

My feet still hurt from yesterday so I didn’t care what I was wearing- my feet needed to recover. So excuse zee fleepy floppies but hey, everyone wears them here anyway.  DSC_3369

Ancient dress, I don’t even remember where it’s from. DSC_3371 DSC_3374

I finally saw Marley and Me today! I refused to watch it before because someone told me Marley dies in the end and I HATE those kind of movies. I cried for ages for Free Willy and don’t even get me started on Bambi. But I figured it was time and I’ve been dreaming of us getting a golden retriever puppy named Gemma. or was it Jam- Jam? Something like that.

But in other wonderful news, the kittens have discovered a new hobby…


I was hoping after watching Marley and Me, I’d think our kittens are angels compared to “the worst dog in the world”. Yea, not happening. These munchkins make Marley look angelic. Add another coffee cup to the LONG list of broken things today, sigh* Thank goodness they’re cuddly and cute ♥



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  • dc

    Those cats are crazy, but I bet you love them like crazy.
    I also have 2 cats and they go crazy at night(especially) and sleep during the day(of course!).
    They make me nuts!

  • lol, LOVE the picture of your demon kitties, I literally laughed out loud. You're looking smashing as always, the belt & the bangles really pull the whole look together.

  • I am looking for this kind of dress!!! I don't find anywhere!

  • I LOVED your dress, the belt and the pink bag!

  • You could wear the most casual outfit and still look radiant. 🙂 I know, I know… I'm obsessed with your hair and face. What?! I can't help it!

  • That is a great look on you! You look so slim and gorgeous!

    I refused to watch that movie! Especially after we got our Chuy last year! I know I would just lose it!

    How in the world did those kitties get up there?!?! hehe!!!

    Take care hun.


  • Great post, you look GREAT! love the dress together with the belt and the lip color! 😀 now I feel like wearing some color on my lips! you look lovely! 🙂

  • You look great as always!

    Wow! They really are little terrors. Lol. You need to invest in a spray bottle. Every time they get on the counters or climb up something, you should spray them. I've had cats all my life and that really works.

  • tu es superbe et les chats trop mignons !!! lol


  • love the dress, you look great and it suits you so well! And your kittens are hilarious! That´s so cute and so funny!

  • You look fab. I like how you titled it "Ancient Dress" too when referencing the outfit. I LOVE clothes that feel timeless or have that amazing usability. Cutie kittens! x.

  • You have a fab personal style(I love the way you've accentuated your slim waist with that fab belt:). Never seen the film, but read the John Grogan's autobiography,'Marley and Me' which I loved!


  • Cute kittens!!!


  • Hey sweety addicted to ur Blog now .. Love the kittens.. Love the bangles too 🙂 and the dress looksss good even if it is ancient 🙂

  • You look gorgeous! I really love how you paired the dress with the belt! And LOL, double trouble, your kitties are very mischievous but they are too cute! <3

  • you look amazing, I LOVE this outfit!!! and YAY for almost Friday!!

  • Great dress. Awesome belt. The combo is a clear winner, and you look awesome in it!

  • Your kittend look so cute and I love your look

  • hahaha I love your kittens! I have a rat terrier mix that keeps me on my toes…he destroys/eats/chews everything he can possibly find. It's ridic.

    I really love your blog – don't know how I didn't find it earlier!

    Sarah @ Return to Sender

  • Haha they seem like such funny little cats! I'm sure the two play off of each other in discovering all of these new little tricks. They're so cute though!