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June 24, 2010


Beautiful Nikstar is competing to be July’s Phatshionista- you can vote for her here!!

Yes, this actually is the best thing I have read all year, a mom explains her son’s right to be gay and happy.

These cute ads make me feel even cooler about my glasses hehe.

“Ageing is a disease that produces symptoms just like heart disease”

The Lighthouse responds to crazy statements like these and other things:

“Girls aren’t being mutilated. They’re mutilating themselves.

Listen to me, this is important. Confidence doesn’t come from physical perfection, just look at the naturally attractive celebrities that go under the knife. Plastic surgery creates more insecurity than it cures. Hard to believe it may be, but the way you look does not matter. You should look however you want, forget what people think, and laugh at the beauty expectations you can disregard.”

You can read the entire thing here, I wish more people realised this!

I can’t decide if I Hate My Parents is cute, weird or scary. I guess all 3?

I like seeing Queen Latifah on a magazine. but I don’t like seeing a skinnier, photoshopped Queen Latifah on a magazine. How dare they!

South African doctor invents condom with teeth to prevent rape.

And to make you smile 🙂 we should be fostering one of these pups soon, until they find a home together. They’re brother and sister so I don’t want to separate them. Hopefully, some one will adopt both and we‘ll just help out in the mean time 🙂 This is Bailey and Teal:

 GetAttachment.aspx (2) GetAttachment.aspx (1)

Bailey knows he’s too cute to get into trouble, doesn’t he? and Teal looks like such an angel awwww.

P.s New Look had a part sale today- I got a coral skirt similar to the yellow one in my previous post and floral shorts! yay!



  • aw cute dogs!!! DYING HERE, so adorable!! AND great links.

  • I'm crazy about dogs, you post these cute pictures and I want to adopt one, but I can't 🙁

  • oh!! I really love the dogs, i have one and i love it!!!

  • They're beautiful. I love dogs with short, strong legs, like my beagle's (: Your house is turning into quite the menagerie, I think!

  • cute puppies and yey for the new clothes, can't wait to see them!

  • Those puppies are SO cute! Awww! xo

  • Such adorable dogs! 😀 interesting links 🙂

    xx Anika