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June 20, 2010

  We ended up going for pizza and a long drive today, so it’s been a pretty chilled day- didn’t feel like dressing up a lot 🙂 So, we’re not getting the dog right now because things didn’t work out with the cats. We might get a puppy instead since that’s a better alternative although I’m sure the cats would prefer no annoying dog at all. Getting a dog is turning out to be such a long process though, almost like adopting a kid but I’m sure it’s worth it.


Splash shorts, *borrowed* my mom’s top- I really like the pretty watercolour effects on it.DSC_3380

I absolutely love this blog, you should check it out for more great wisdom. It’s awesome <315QzG4V07b

Hope your weekend’s going well 🙂



  • hahhahahhahah fantastic quotes! so funny, I`ll be checking out that blog 🙂

    I love your shirt, the colours and all, hope your mum forgets you borrowed it 😉

    glad to hear you`re enjoying your weekend, I`ve spent mine tanning in the garden, trying to wrap my head around that shool is out freeing this councellor up for some serious fun:D


  • cute website, love the illustrations! 😀 hugs*you look cute, wish I could spend a day with you, that would be so much fun.

  • lovely, relaxed outfit. your mum must seriously have great taste in clothing!

  • Tu es BELLE !
    Au fait, tu parles Francais ?

  • dc

    So beautiful!
    I love floral, especially this top

  • hahahahahhahahah I LOVE IT lmao too cute! you are great!