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June 23, 2010

Damn, it was hot today!! but you’re not here for a weather update so here’s today’s OOTD 🙂DSC03843DSC03831DSC03853DSC03838    DSC03851  
I felt like an aunty in this skirt because everyone around seems to be wearing itty bitty denim shorts! oh well, we’re supposed to be getting a puppy on Saturday and I’m so worried about potty training it :/ advice please? I’ve never had a pup before, so any advice would be much appreciated :).



  • It was muggy and hot over here too :(…I can see why it was hot in Dubai, because you look hot!! Lol ;D
    You look cute, I really love the outfit! I know nothing about potty training a puppy sorry! But good luck though! 😀


  • Awww yay for a puppy! I'll see if I can round up any potty training tips from my parents/friends who have puppies.

    You look so pretty and smiley in all of these pictures, I love it!!! And that first backdrop is so pretty!!!

  • you look so fresh!!!


  • Love this outfit. and what a pretty background to your pictures!

  • I love this look!

    And girl it is damn HOT here too-ugh!

  • The city looks beautiful at night.

  • lovely outfit, especially love the shirt. I think you look cute. the city in the background looks amazing! Helsinki could never look like that… omg Finland is such a small place lol.

  • i love the skirt.. it's very cute.

    I love puppies! my puppy was VERY easy to potty train. It only took me about a week.
    I have heard of ppl just walking their dog on the lawn every 15mins for the first few days.

  • I love the skirt … and this look !!!!!
    So cute !

  • You, of course, look adorable. I'm one of those in denim shorts, but I'm always envious when I see people looking cute in a skirt, like you.

    oh,and, boy do I have a lot of advice on potty training. I have potty trained 4 dogs, 2 of them were puppies and 2 were adults. When I potty trained the first one I was always busy and tried different methods, that was my first mistake. honestly, don't use puppy pads. for the first couple of days they will need to go out as soon as they eat, wake up, play, pretty much constantly. Be patient, it only last a little while. Just be very consistant and be stern if they go inside. There's really no need for hitting them or anything, just point at the mess they made and say "NO" and they do get it. Lastly, try a crate. That worked wonders with my 2nd dog and she still loves to go in there, it's like her safe haven. Hope that helps! If you want more tips, let me know, potty training is one thing I am very familiar with.

  • Can I come and live with you? The scenery in all of your pictures is beautiful! I have said it before, but i'm so jealous!
    I love how you matched your sandals to the color of the anchor on your top! The skirt is cute too! I have trouble finding denim shorts/hotpants that don't.. ride up. I tried on 3 different pairs in New Look and none of them looked good on me so I'll be sticking to skirts and dresses for the rest of the summer! xo

  • Great little nautical mix i love the colour of your skirt 🙂
    Sweet blog.

  • Puppies take time and patience, but it's not too hard to train them as long as you're as consistent as possible. Just try to take him/her out often and make sure you attach a word to it going out and give it lots and lots of praise when it does what it's supposed to. They learn pretty quick most of the time. I don't remember having too much trouble with my puppy back in the day. You should get some special cleaning supplies from the pet store in case of accidents, too– if they can smell where they went, they're likely to do it again, so it's important to clean up well.

  • Love the nautical look, and its good to stand out when everyone else is dressed the same!


  • S

    Another gorgeous picture and I love the t shirt!

    S x