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June 7, 2010


source: heyfatchick

Socute’s jewellery line is.. well, so cute! I love the cupcakes and chocolat bar neckalces 🙂

As Fat As I Wanna Be. I love this piece by Red Vinyl Shoes.

Hottie Jennifer is rocking shorts for the Big Fat Summer Challenge

I never knew Plus Size Male models existed. Yay for body diversity and self acceptance!

S from Some Wear In The West is looking so hot here, I love everything!

“As long as a curvy girl is held up as an anomaly, the whole thing is being perpetuated. When a curvy girl is no longer being hailed as different, we’ve made progress. I could talk about it for hours, but if you object to very thin, unwell girls being used in advertising, then as a consumer, you have to make a first step. We’ve become a quite apathetic culture. It’s all well and good to just talk about how horrified you are, but unless you do something and write to companies, then nothing really gets done.” Sophie Dahl gives an interesting interview. I also like how she talks about food being inanimate but we give it so much power and reward ourselves with food. True stuff.

Christina shares her best picks of the week 🙂

wtf Urban Outfitters? How about a tshirt that says Eat Healthy, or Eat your brocolli even! but EAT LESS? lame.

And finally, dead people can orgasm. Oh my. Fun facts about Orgasms.




    so funny that first quote! Great idea for a blog showcasing fellow bloggers like this 🙂

    xx Anika

  • LOLOL omg this made me laugh out loud!!!

    Adore you 🙂

  • thanks for the link love! <3