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June 14, 2010

So, now that we know people are stupid and suck, here’s some proof. I know I said we should ignore them but I think reporting them to facebook as a hate group would be much more satisfying, especially since they’ve been stealing pictures from fellow plus size bloggers without permission.

It’s the last day to enter Jennifer’s Giveaway!!

I’m still loving the Operation Beautiful website so much 🙂

Thank you  Eyzuh for posting this on your facebook ♥ soooo frikkin cute and totally encouraging my dreams of getting a dog. I’ve decided that I would name her Belle.

Alexandra is so cute & I love her style- such pretty dresses!

Curveliciously Me has a great list of links (thank god for Google translate, I would be deprived of so many cool blogs otherwise)

“There will be times people will doubt and people will tell us “no” to discourage us. Those are the times it’s most important to remember whose body it is you sleep in at night.” –  Another awesome post from Chicken Soup for the Dorky Soul



  • Hey dear! Thanks for linking my blog! I know that the translator device is not perfect, so if you want I can help you with any article that might get difficult to understand. I also blog in english about fashion, since last april and the english there is a little better lol!
    Love your blog! 🙂

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  • thanks for the link babe! 🙂 good luck in the giveaway 😉 announcing the winner soon 😀 yay

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