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A leopard changing her spots

June 20, 2010

I hate wearing jeans, they’re a little too standard for me and they cover up my tattoos. But I LOVE these leopard print jeans!! I think they are the coolest jeans I have ever seen and they’re comfy too, YAY! DSC03832DSC03823 DSC03831DSC03825

We went shopping for stuff for his apartment today, I’ve given it a total girlfriend make over haha, just marking my territory 😛

It’s so weird how love makes stupid things cute, little words huge and ordinary days spectacular 🙂


P.S There is nothing old is the new new about this outfit but I couldn’t wait to wear these any longer- I bought them 2 weeks ago yknow!



  • Wow! Those jeans be awesome. I do so envy you right now. It's been ages since I found a pair of jeans that looked good on me!

  • I love jeans… Especially the ones that show off my curves. I've never seen leopard-print jeans before… They're cute! Oh, and the scenery where you live is beautiful.

  • you look gorgeous! love this casual chic look!! 😀 *hugz*

  • hi beautiful, that is a great look on you. you are hot whatever you wear as far as I am concerned 🙂

    also, really love the glasses! 🙂


  • ooohhh i love this outfit! the muted colors look great on you 🙂

  • nice jeans, never seen a pair like that before! Love is the greatest thing ever, isn't it?

  • mandi_b

    I LOVE how LOVE has made the whole look of your photos different. YOu could wear anything and look fantastic as far as I am concerned. I'm loving the smiley you xx

  • thanks you guys! I've never seen jeans like these before either, I'm quite pleased with my discovery 🙂 and thanks Mandi I like the effect love has on me too hehehehe

  • Dubai,je t envie d etre toute l annee sur un lie de vacances ;O)

  • Love the jeans! So pretty. xo

  • what i love most about these are your nails! (the jeans are pretty awesome too 🙂
    also you look so much like one of my friends its uncanny!

  • Gorgeous!! I love the jeans! They look comfy too lol! Awwww sounds like a fun weekend! Take some pics so we can see the makeover of his apartment hehe 😀


  • Dispite the casual, laidback attire there's an air of sophistication here(Very grown up:)!


  • Those are soooo cute! Love love love the jeans! and yes, giving the girlfriend makeover to a partner's space is THE BEST!

  • Great outfit! Love the pants.

  • Love how your outfits look so comfy as well as fashionable. Digging the white shades. I totally need to get some!

  • <3 so pretty!

  • Those cheetah print pants are awesome. You look so cute.