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Just Looking

June 18, 2010

    DSC_3384 DSC_3381 copy
Fave nail colour ever- twelve pinky by Pixi, it’s much more fluorescent in person 🙂
Things have been kind of Grey’s Anatomy- ish but we’re going to be fine. I have faith in this. However, I haven’t felt like dressing  up but my cousin Chris said to do it anyway and really , this was the best I could muster up. My fave leggings(Splash) with my beloved denim shirt (New Look),  It’s comfy but interesting I think.

Yesterday was actually a lucky day for me:
My creative block seems to have ended, we’ve finished some designs for Ampersand and I’m pretty proud. Heaps more work to be done though.
I won the peach dress from Jennifer’s Giveaway, WOOHOO!!
I finally found cute summer shorts (totally had a hallelujah moment in the dressing room). I might wear them tomorrow but my legs are covered in scratches,  You’d think I went to war not had encounters with a fat Ryder who can’t pull himself on to my lap in one swift motion and thus claws on for dear life until I pull him up. Sheesh.
BUT The most exciting and happiest news of all:
This gorgeous angel might join our family soon. We visited her yesterday and she’s a lot smaller and skinnier in person but just as beautiful. She was rescued from the streets where she had had a life threatening car accident, apparently the doctors didn’t think she would make it. I think her foster mom’s exact words were ‘they had removed her heart and put it on the table, her ribs were crushed. It’s a miracle she survived’.
After her amazing recovery, she spent the next 5 months holed up in a tiny cage in a clinic so she’s really been through so much. Despite all of this, she is this gentle, loving bundle of joy who is new to things like elevators, stairs, people and it seems she’s fascinated with the TV lol. She makes all my problems feel trivial and I feel like she’s proof that miracles exist, y’know? If this baby can survive so much and still be happy, I can too. Nothing should break our spirit.
I fell in love with her in an instant and had to hold my tears back when they told me her story. She seemed to like us, she even followed us out the door 😀
The only thing left is for the kittens to like her and vice versa., they’re meeting tomorrow so fingers crossed that nobody dies ( I’m soooooooooooo nervous). Ryder is a fraidy cat but Lenny is quite brave- I hope he doesn’t attack her. And she’s a street dog, she probably chases cats for fun :S Oh hell…. We’ll only find out tomorrow.
I’m still wearing my glasses and thanks to you guys I feel a pretty wearing them. Plus, a whole lot more comfortable wearing them in public ( I’ve never done this before, I’ve always been too shy). The sexy librarian jokes were hilarious btw, thank you so much for commenting 🙂
And finally, Is it just me, or is this song perfection?

Just Looking  by Stereophonics

there’s things i want

there’s things i think i want

there’s things i’ve had

there’s things i wanna have

do i want the dreams

the ones we’re forced to see

do i want the perfect wife

the word perfect ain’t quite right

shopping every day

take it back the next break

they say the more you fly the more you  risk your life

i’m just looking i’m not buying

i’m just looking keeps me smiling

a house i seen another coulda’ been

you drenched my head and said what i said

you said that life is what you make of it

yet most of us just fake

Ok, I promise I’m done. Longest post ever- you’d think I hadn’t posted for 2 weeks not days! Love y’all ♥



  • You look hot girl!!

    love those leggings!

  • I love your outfit.
    Also, the dog story sounds so sad. 🙁 Omg. I hope you get her!

  • Loved your nails, I'm using a similar color this week. And I'm in love with the dog too. She's beautiful and she has been trough so much… hope everything works out for you guys! I love dogs and I wish that she finds a great place to live soon, either with you or with someone who loves these special creatures! 🙂

  • So excited about your possible dog!! I have a shelter dog who was in a puppy mill for three years before there was a lawsuit and the dogs were sent to shelters and I can't picture my life without her.


    – Sarah

  • you are a gorgeous girl!

  • Aw I really hope the dog works out for you!!!! That's such a sad story but so wonderful that she made it, I really hope you can get her!!!! I also love those leggings, AND that nail polish. I'm a sucker for pretty much any color of pink or red nail polish. I'm always convinced it makes me look even tanner than I actually am, haha.

  • such a cute dog, hope you get her and she and the cats will be okey. 🙂

  • I love the funky, edgey feel of your outfit(It suits ya:)!

    Really pleased to hear you're embracing your specs appeal(You're fortunate to look soo damn good in them – enjoy:)!

    Nice to hear about the new addition to the family too(Too cute:).

    Have a great weekend!


  • love love love. WOW. how hot is that! linking to this post asap :))

    xx Anika

  • i love the leggings and congratulations on finding your new dog! one of mine is a rescued stray as well 🙂

  • Oh wow!! Those leggings are HOT! xo

  • One Word:


    You are working that outfit girl!