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June 9, 2010


Mehehe this is actually an old skirt but I like it better as a dress. I wonder if anyone else out there does the whole skirts as a dress thing.

 DSC_3313 (2)

It has a really cute polka dot layer underneath it, see?


Pretty but painful shoes 🙁


The boyf in his *nerds can rock* tshirt hehe.DSC_3330

I was scanning through my older posts today, everything from my dog’s death to heartbreak confessions and Goa albums. We’ve been through some good times and bad times, like everyone else. And there’s so much more to come- I some times forget to be grateful for this current drama- less phase. I am content, loved and love (a long list of people..and 2 kittens). Good stuff 🙂


I hope you’re having a good day ♥



  • Weesha can you get anymore beautiful!? You look gorgeous, and you two are sooo cute together!


  • dc

    Your hair are awesome like that!

  • those shoes do look great.. so sad to hear they hurt!

  • You look really beautiful!I always wear skits as dresses and tops (for the shorter ones) Love it!

  • I definitely wear skirts as dresses or tops, i've even taken tube tops and worn them as skirts to change up my look.

  • BBM

    beautyful giiirrllls allll over the woorrrllldd … like my dubai princess …. hehehe u know that song?

    u look amazing girl! ure boy better hold u tight cuz im about to steal u.

  • such a cute picture of you two!

  • How cute your bf!! You are such a beauty!

  • i'm always wearing skirts as tops and dresses! great outfit!

  • nobody can steal my baby 🙂

  • I do the skirt as a dress -thing as well, and dress as a skirt as well 🙂 I think it´s lovely how happy you seem right now dear.

  • The skirt-dress is so cool!!! and the shoes it looks so confortable, is a shame that isn`t.


  • That skirt looks great as a dress! How 'outside the box' of you:) And the color of that cardigan is so beautiful, especially with your skin! You and the boyf look cute togeter!

  • Love the sandals. You and your boyfriend are very cute together 🙂 xo

  • you look so cute!! the dress and the sandals <3

  • you're so pretty and hot! and the same time! love this black dress on you together with the sandals. really nice, and beautiful pictures too!! 😀 it's so cool you can see Dubai in the background! 😀

  • pity the polka dots don't show more. and why are the shoes painful?they look very comfy.

  • Girl, you`re glowing! It must be love 🙂 The yellow is perfect on you, and the two of you are soo sweet 🙂

    xxx Anika

  • S

    Love it!

    S x

  • you looking better and better every day

  • thanks everyone! a lot of credit goes to my awesome photographer hehe 😀

  • awe such a sweet post!!

  • what a cute post! Do you know where your boyfriend got his Tshirt? My girlfriend would LOVE to have one like that!