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Doing the *yay this has pockets!* dance

June 26, 2010

I’m one of those people who take ages to get ready because I try on 6  different outfits and keep mixing and matching until I’m satisfied. And here’s what I ended up with today, an old New Look mini dress under a new bargain priced skirt from Zara. Unusual but I like how it looks!

  DSC03882 DSC03884 DSC03891DSC03888


I spend too much time on random tumblrs absorbing inspiration over load. God, there are some awesome people out there:

"Sometimes I need ass holes in my life.
They remind me that beauty is only skin deep and that I need authenticity in my life."


Blog roll is finally up and running and I will commence with commenting as usual, it’s weird how out of touch I feel without a blog roll.

Hope you have an awesome weekend ♥



  • I am SO in love with this outfit! It looks great on you, and is so wonderful!!! I love the red and black paired with the belt, and the back of that dress is great. Ok, it's all just great! It really makes me wish I owned more red.

    Also- love the title 🙂 I used to hate pocket dresses because one of the first ones I had was kind of awkward where the pockets are, but now I'm obsessed with them. I also just realized the dress I'm currently wearing has pockets. Hooray!

  • Oooo I love it! I really like how you made this outfit unique…I really love the red skirt and belt 😀

    I love going on random websites to discover inspiration, I find it fun and enlightening lol


  • I love this! I would've never thought to layer like this. So cute! Love the crochet back, too.

  • Love this look! I like how the black dress peeks out from below the skirt. And I love anything with big pockets like that 🙂

  • love the back of that top!!! amazingly gorgeous!! 😀 <3

  • This look is definitely different, but I like it. :]

  • Love the look, very creative

  • love the layering!~

  • it´s so original, i love it!!!


  • I wish I could make skirt(/dress) layering work! I really like the back of that dress!

  • gorgeous dress, or well the part you can see here. the back is so pretty!

  • I love pockets too!! Red is such a great color on you!

  • i love this look!