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June 15, 2010

I’ve got some kinda eye infection going on so no contact lenses, that’ why I’m booing. I HATE wearing my glasses so much. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that my folks wouldn’t let me get contacts until high school and they keep making Ugly Betty/ Princess Diaries jokes about me with them.

Oh well, it’s not like cute girls don’t wear glasses, no? So here I am in my dorky finest.

 DSC03767 DSC03771 DSC03775 DSC03777

Please note: I don’t think glasses look bad on everyone, I just think they don’t look good on me!

& no daylight pictures as well- double boooooo!

ok, end whining.

Have a great day! ♥



  • you dont look dorky at all! i LOVE your tat, and your shoes are GORGEOUS! just like you, beautiful!

  • You look beautiful, glasses or no glasses! I love the outfit, especially the belt you're rocking! Cool tat! ;D


  • Aw I LOVE the glasses!!! I never got contacts, because when I tried to I couldn't really ever get them in and my eyes always just ended up all red and swollen from trying. On the other hand, I really don't wear my glasses that often… I guess around the house, watching TV, in class, and sometimes while driving. I guess I'm just glad I can pretty much see for the most part… Haha.

    I love those shoes, too! <33

  • But sweetie, not only do you look great in them, but imagine when you take them off and let out your hair in one smooth sweep! hello sexy librarian! LOL 🙂

    I love this outfit on you, the sinched in waist and the heels that really show off your legs 🙂

    xx Anika

  • I'm so glad we've discovered each other! Love your belt! I am on my last pair of contact lenses then off to the eye doctor. Sometimes glasses just feel…clunky.


  • I think you look adorable in glasses. I have a similar issue since I stopped wearing contacts. I always take my glasses off for pictures, but I wear them all the time. I def don't look as cute though. They make you look very sophisticated.

  • Sal

    Gotta jump on that bandwagon: I adore the glasses! Super chic, lady, I swear.

  • I love you use of the belt in both looks, wide belts are so magical!

  • I personally love your glasses! You look chic not dorky!! 🙂 I've always wanted glasses!! X

  • Wow! you're a sophisticated hot chick in specs(so lovin' the specs on you:)


  • you look just really classy and beautiful! love this.

  • Well I know that no matter what any one says you won't like wearing your glasses, but you look very cute in them. I like the look with the dress and glasses, very sophisticated! I wear glasses too, but only for driving mainly, I totally understand how you feel! I really like your dress and shoes, as always looking lovely!

  • Actally I am feeling the glasses!

  • The outfit rocks! You look beautiful in glasses too! 🙂

  • Love your outfit!! I think the glasses look quite cute on you, but I'm a sucker for a hottie in glasses 😉

  • i love this look! you look great 🙂

    i used to like wearing my contacts more so because i could see better with them on (didn't have to worry about looking to the side and it being blurry, haha), but i've sense had corrective eye surgery and all is good!

  • Silly you look GREAT in glasses, I used to hate my glasses too, I think they fit you and you look smart and sexy 😉

    ps. you're getting a dress hunni 😀

  • What are you talking about? You look cute with those glasses!!! Pretty Betty!
    I love the outfit too! The whole thing is classy!

  • cute belt!

  • dc

    OH LA LA!
    So beautiful, one of my favs!

  • I think you look like a sexy secretary! Not bad at all 🙂

    I see you're the other winner of Jennifers giveaway, congrats to us both- yay!

    Now following you're sweet blog!

  • i love everything about this outfit and the glasses really do complete it perfectly! you look so good in glasses and i love the red lippy on you.

  • Ooo, sorry about the eye infection! I got a touch of pinkeye a few months back and it was no fun at all, so I know how you feel.

    Oh, and hey, you look awesome 🙂

  • I think this looks so cute on you. I love the gladiator shoes with it.
    No, you don't look dorky. You look sexy secretary.

  • I like you in glasses and this is one of my favorite outfit posts – disclaimer: I may be a little biased because I like the new librarian/ geek chic trend. And the belt is the perfect addition

    So, basically, you go girl. Peace, Yolanda

  • ohhhhhhhh very chic love this,its lovely on you.