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The Other dress

May 18, 2010

I wore the other dress from here today. They say it’s a free size but I don’t agree.  Yes, it stretchy but I had to wear spanx for this and I figure it’ll be wearable for a size 18 girl max.
My tummy sticks out a lot when I wear it but pfft it’s a cute dress, you know I’m chubby- let me be cute and chubby in my cute dress.
DSC_3299DSC_3285 (3)DSC_3286 (3)
I really like the print on this!
Ok, so just before 12 am midnight I said “fuck it! I’m having a chocolate crepe because I’m turning fuckin’ 24!”
It was orgasmic. No jokes. We’re talking about  nutella- filled, chocolate syrup- covered goodness.  It was the best last 10 minutes of being 23 years old haha.
You want some now, don’t you? Well, ok- since it’s  my birthday, you have to go out and treat yourself to some chocolate heavenliness in the name of Weesha turning 24 years old. I don’t care if you’re on a diet ( they don’t work and they make you gain weight and crabby, stop already!) or you’re broke- it could be an m&m even.
You’re eating some chocolate today -it’s my frikkin’ birthday!!! Plus, the stuff triggers the release of endorphins in your body so you’re only making yourself happy, no? And it’s my birthday!
So, this is how we’ll manage to celebrate my birthday together somehow. We might be spread across the world but we’ll all have a moment of chocolate bliss today and be united in that. It sounds cheesy and maybe a bit weird but hey, this is one of my birthday wishes. The heart wants what the heart wants hehe. Maybe we can get this into an official international event next year, no? or just a facebook event?? I need to get planning on this!
Will post pictures of my birthday dress tomorrow. I’ve been 24 years old for two hours now and  no tears, sadness, nothing. Perhaps I shall survive this day. Thank God for birthday gifts 😉
I love you guys and I hope you have a great day ♥




  • if ur broke have a m & m hahahahahhahaha

  • Happy Birthday!!! The dress is fabulous!

  • drum roll, drum roll, drum roll. Happy Birtday, hope you heard that. love the print on your dress, and that dish looks good

  • Happy birthday girl!!! Your dress is so pretty! If I wasn't too lazy right now, I swear I'd go in the kitchen and whip up some crepes mmm that would be sooo divine but I'm lazy beyond words today lol

  • Happy birthday! I LOVE that dress on you – gorgeous. And I do not see this belly you speak of? That crepe looks delish – I had a mini caramel pie for dessert today at lunch with chocolate chips on top! Yum.

  • happy birthday! i hope it was a great day, and since you started it out eating chocolate, i'm sure it was!

  • Happy Birthday! I'll eat some chocolate in your honor! Your blog is great! Congratulations!

  • Happy Birthday! I love the dress! Can you get anymore goregous!? And hhaaha I know I'm having some chocolate today! That crepe looks divine ahhh…I hope you enjoy your day!



  • That dress is too cute! Happy bday! You look gorgeous!

  • Happy Birthday Weesha!!! ♥

  • Happy Birthday Weesha! Youre fantastic!

  • Happy birthday! You look fabu in your dress. <3

  • Love the print, dress looks great on you! Crepe look sooo yummy! Have a great birthday! I have a feeling you are, by the big smile on your face. Love to see people happy & in love!!

  • happy birthday! love the dress

  • Happy Birthday from one princess to another!!!!!!!!
    You look fab, the dress is so cool.
    The crepes look amazing!!!
    I will gladly join you in chocolate feast (lol, I really don't require much convincing)

  • Mmm That looks delicious!

    And I think the dress looks great on you… it is super cute!!!

    <33 Alex


  • That crepe looks spectacular. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  • Love the print on your dress, love your dessert, have the happiest of birthdays!

  • beautiful dress and i love your bag 🙂

  • Happy Birthday lovely –

    As for the dress, it looks great. I like that you wore it even though you felt a little chubby in it… that being said – your eyes must have deceived you, because you look fabulous and I can't see any evidence of it being too tight anywhere at all! x.

  • K

    I love your dress! And happy birthday 🙂

  • dc

    Love this dress!
    And the dessert looks so… yummy!

  • I really like the dress. And I love the fact that you wore it, chubby stomach and all! ( I wanted a side pic, so we could see your stomach. Just a suggestion for next time..:) )
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know I'm a bit late, but in your honor I will go to the crepes place up the street for the first time. Looking foreward to it:=)


  • Happy B'day and that dress is awesome

  • Happy Belated! Love this dress, where is it from?