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Old is the new New

May 31, 2010

I love all the challenges going around lately like 27 Dresses or Iza’s No Jeans for 25 days but those wouldn’t really be tough for me. Hell, wearing jeans or pants only for 25 days- now that would be a challenge! But I really don’t want to do that because I love my dresses and skirts too much 😛

So today, when my boyf complimented my skirt, I explained how I get a happier buzz from reinventing something old as compared to wearing something new. This skirt is ancient, like 5 years old maybe. And I’ve never worn it this way but I’ve been so inspired by all of you wearing high waisted skirts lately, I thought I would try it out 🙂

Lovin’ the result- I feel a lil’ va va voom and super feminine <3DSC_3285 (4)

Actually, nothing in this look is new. The belt is the newest and it’s a couple of months old at least.DSC_3286 (4)

DSC_3284 (2)DSC_3287 (4)

I’m thinking: an Old is the new New Challenge.

I’ve got loads of stuff that I hardly wear anymore (and some I’ve never worn- guilty!) and it’s such a waste. This will be an awesome chance to get more creative and I’ll save money too-. Yay! So my rule is to wear up all my old stuff for an entire month- reinvent it by some diy or just wear it differently. Nothing new and shiny, tsk tsk.


You’re welcome to join of course, I’d love to have some company. We could be like gym buddies or something!

This challenge and dressing up with the inferno like weather (reached 50 degrees today!). Yep, Weesha is feeling adventurous ♥



  • Love the skirt and the sandals.

  • you have such a lovely figure. I am with you there, love my skirt and dress, dont even own one pair of trousers

  • Beautiful outfit! and I love your shoes!

  • I'm with you on that one! 😀 I should join, I've been shopping too much lately…you're idea is awesome! 😀
    btw, you look gorgeous in that skirt and belt…and everything, 😀

  • tu es magnifique comme d habitude ;O)

  • You are so adorable!! I love, LOVE your hair!!! 🙂

    lovely blog

    Cheers, Jes

  • Weesha your blog layout is amazing now, I love it! That skirt is wonderful aswell, I love finding things I forgot I owned 😀

    Devon xx

  • That skirt is so flattering on you! The colors are very pretty. I know what you mean– I'm always more inspired when I reinvent something old to something cute and wearable!

  • Im in…I'm guilty of not wearing half the clothes I own!!

  • thanks ladies! and yay I have challenge buddies!


  • I agree I love wearing oldies lol 😉 I love it! and I will mostly def have to try this challenge out with you! <3