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Maybe I’m weak, maybe I’m too emotional or maybe I’m just your residential blogger drama queen.

May 15, 2010

Ok, I had a whole paragraph written here about what’s on my mind. But I’ve decided it’s not important, it’s something I’m just going to have to learn to live with. Let’s just say that being loved too much is some times a curse. Everybody (parents, ex- lovers, friends, whoever) mean well but I seem to be the constant fuck up who can’t do anything right. I’m selfish and I have no answers to anything and I hurt everyone. I should come with a warning label- Beware! makes love feel like pain.

I sometimes feel like I’ve run out of room to love and I don’t want new love just because of the responsibility & obligations it brings.

Nelly Furtado’s I’m like a bird song feels so apt right now.

Oprah or Dr Phil me already. Ok, I had said never mind. So, never mind.

DSC03309 DSC03306



I treated myself to a blow dry and a manicure yesterday. I’m also hating myself for liking straight hair more but I guess it’s just because it’s a nice change. I hope I get bored of it soon.

My dresses from here arrived!

I love this dress very much- I’m surprised it’s so beautiful and fits perfect. I chose the size 3xl because I figured anything less would be tight- I usually go in between a size 12 to 16. The other dress is just as pretty, will wear it soon 🙂

 Here’s a link for this dress in case you’re interested. I think their prices are decent enough- good quality too. New Look is going to be seeing less of me haha.

Hope you’re having a lovely day, mine sucked but it’s ok Florence & the machine are keeping me company:


I’ve fallen out of favor and I’ve fallen from grace
Fallen out of trees and I’ve fallen on my face
Fallen out of taxis, out of windows too
Fell in your opinion when I fell in love with you

Sometimes I wish for falling, wish for the release
Wish for falling through the air to give me some relief
Because falling’s not the problem, when I’m falling I’m at peace
It’s only when I hit the ground it causes all the grief



  • BBM

    *sigh* oh to be a size 12-16 … lol. u look stunning my dear! wen i saw this post on google reader … i was like … OooOoO WEESSHHHAA!!! let me comment on ure page girl! hehehe … and ure dilemma today reminded me of the movie that i saw 2 days ago … up in the air by stud muffin george clooney. have u seen it? u should … and talk to me when u do. i ♥ u.

  • Gosh you are so gorgeous! And heyyy no one ever said love is easy, loving someone is easy, maintaining that love is the tricky part! And I adore that song, I have it on my ipod hehehe. You look fab..and I hope you feel better about it all 🙂


  • Nice! :3 I'm glad I got more people to shop to Wholesale-Dress… this is amazing. I was considering getting this dress but I'm broke.


  • Seriously, you look so pretty. Great look

  • hope you're day will get better or tomorrow, tomorrow IS an new day. 🙂 I wish you all the joy OK! 🙂 love this look on you, you're such a beautiful person.

  • You're not weak or too emotional. You're a human being. How you described yourself is very normal. We've all been there. Just don't give up and don't run away from it. Be strong and you will get through it. Hugs.

  • *hug* hope things get better soon.
    You look lovely, the dress looks great on you 🙂

  • Looking lovely as usual.
    Love is a rollercoaster, full of ups and downs and the ride can sometimes be a little rough. To be in it you have to be strong, you have to question all that you are, but you have to be kind to youself and love yourself and accept your limitations, and you will come through this ride much stronger

  • Or maybe you didn't meet proper person to love? Just wait and you will see… I've been there, and I can't believe where I am now… 🙂 Hughes and kisses for you girl!

  • Is it possible that the people you love are asking too much of you? Or that you feel it is your duty to give too much? Because it's not right that you (feel like you) have to exhaust yourself to keep up with your loved ones' demands.

  • Beautiful dress! i love 🙂

  • I´ve done this my whole life, trying to please people that won´t give me as much back. It´s not worth it, being happy is.

    that dress is so pretty! you look beautiful, love the hair. something new is always fun!

  • Hang in there, doll!

  • I hope you work out whatever is in your head right now. On the other hand, you look very soft and beautiful in that dress!!! Don't hate for liking straight hair, curly hair is a handful (trust me, I know) and changes are nice, too.

  • You look beautiful, glad you went for the hair and the manicure. The dress is beautiful. My daughters have hair similar to yours, they go back and forth with curls and straight too. I love both looks.

    As for personal stuff, no advice, my life is usually a mess, but I am so sorry things are complicated and you have a big hug from me.

  • sorry things aren't the best right now. *hug* hope you are feeling better soon, love. <3

    you look beautiful in that dress, by the way!! 🙂

  • that dress is gorgeous! i've always wantd to order from that site as well and now i think i just might!