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It’s not spectacular

May 17, 2010

But it’s cute enough for an everyday look.DSC_3303
haha Ryder kept messing up my pics, like *watchu upto human?*DSC_3301   

Splash dress which is actually mom’s top. I “borrowed” it hehe


New Look belt & gladiators, Splash bangles

My boyf ordered this for me from Amazon and it finally arrived! yay!!!
I’m doing better now- things are the same but I’m choosing to worry less, think less and just focus on the positive, even if that’s difficult. I love reading your comments- Dr Phil is nothing compared to you guys ♥

I like riding waves… they don’t always

crash and

they feel wonderful to ride. Breathe. Calm.

Clear head… whatever happens, you will be okay. x



  • You are cute!

    I don't know that book, going to look for it…

  • That color compliments you very well the belt is great! That might have to be a permanent borrow lol <3

  • The belt is great, the color is yours, you own it, and the kitty needs a kiss!

  • oh the kitten is so cute, and that colour really suits you darling!

  • i think kitty was admiring that dress. great colour. and with that belt it looks fab. I wonder how it looks without the belt – like a bin bag ???

  • I love this color on you and I like the belted look. I always say I'm gonna get more into belts and totally put it off! 🙂 I'll look for this book, it sounds like it'd be a good read. I'm happy for you that you're trying to stay positive, hang in there girl! 🙂

  • I really, really like that outfit! I think you look great!
    Would be great if you could do like a review of the book!!:)

  • tres jolie robe et couleur qui te va parfaitement,et j adore la posture du chat,trop mignon ;O)

  • thank you ladies! yep, I'm definitely permanently *borrowing* this hehe although it it a bit bin bag without the belt. I'll post a review about the book soon!

  • beautiful belt! 🙂

  • Simply beautiful !
    I love

  • I love that dress! That is definitely your color!

    I want to check that book out. Looks interesting!

  • The color is perfect for the warmer weather!! And your belt is super cute 🙂

  • Great colour, belt and all. almost bought a piece of fabric in exactly that colour on Saturday, might go back and get it.

  • What a great, happy fun color. I LOVE that belt! You look great.

  • I think this outfit is adorable! That belt is awesome!!!

  • I LOVE this! I'm always looking for cute but casual t-shirt type dresses. Those are the best when you're not in the mood to really put together an outfit, but still want to look good. The color is gorgeous on you!

    <33 Alex

  • Wow! the vibrant color and style really suits you(Love it:)!


  • Yes please do a blog review about the book! I'm always on the look for some new books to read.