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I’m so glad I match my reflection in my head

May 13, 2010

You know how you have an image of yourself in your head? of how you want to look like, what personality you portray, like “I’m the arty girl with soul” or “I’m the glamorous party diva”. It’s basically an image of self expression that you try to maintain.

I hate it when my reflection doesn’t match the image in my head. I hate it when I think my reflection or picture is wider, or I think I look dowdy or wannabe. I hate it when my reflection isn’t as cool as the image of myself in my head.

Yesterday was that kind of a day but thankfully, today totally made up for it. I felt beautiful today, and myself. I love the ethnic print of this kaftan dress, I love the colours, and I just love how comfortable I felt and looked in it.

I kind of lean towards styles that are arty, bohemian, casual chic, ultra girly or glamourous, and occasionally something edgy. I love it when an outfit says “this is who I am” vague as that might sound.

Anyway, this is one of those outfits 🙂


The kaftan dress is from a kiosk at Ibn Batutta mall- It’s a brand called Kariza and they usually sell those convertible silk dresses but they had a few shawls and kaftans as well.


Forever21 belt


Earrings were a gift from my lovely cousin in Melbourne.

I’m considering a treat tomorrow- a manicure or a blow dry? I haven’t been to a salon in ages.

Hope you’re having a great day ♥



  • V

    I LOVE this on you! You look fantastic, so jealous b/c I want the same little dress!

  • the colors on this dress look wonderful on you! beautiful.

  • ilove it and Ilove this post!! loving the header btw

  • Glad you feel good, cause you sure look good! love this outfit.

  • that dress is so beautiful!!!

  • I LOOOOOVE THIS OUTFIT! its like just flowy enough and the belt is gorgeous! with those gold buckle details! i want it so bad! lolz you look amazing hun!

    – Iza

  • That´s amazing how pretty you look in that dress, love the colour on you, wow!

  • This is great to pair the kaftan with that kind of belt!
    have a nice day darling!

  • I know exactly what you mean about feeling like you look like "yourself".
    And you are beautiful, so I'm glad you felt it.

  • WOW! girl you look stunning, love the print and the colors on that piece. and that belt goes so nice with it, nice combo!


  • Weesha you look positively happy, and i am sure happiness brings deep inner beauty. The dress just compliments whats already there.

  • thank you so much everyone! 🙂

  • Weesha, that dress is gorgeous. Why not both a manicure and a blow dry? You deserve it. xoxoxox

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