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A confession. & links!

May 11, 2010

True story: I webcam with my kittens and boyf when I’m away. I can’t get enough of them!!!


Alright, so while you judge/ laugh/ empathize with me, here are some of my favourite recent  links 🙂

Stephanie shares an awesome video- the girl is really cute & the message is wow!

It’s weird how simple post it notes can carry such huge messages. I love this site.

I’ve bought this and this. It’s from China though and from past experience- I’m concerned about quality and sizings. Fingers crossed, online shopping is way too stressful for me- you can’t try stuff on!!

Madison Plus share an awesome new Crystal Renn spread. She might be skinnier but damn can she model!

It’s nice to read a male perspective on body image bullying by the media.

Feel like joining the a no jeans challenge? best of luck the eyezuh!

Archie comics introduced their first openly gay (I was right about Jughead being in the closet?) character -Super cool!!

Only 10 more to go for Jennifer’s 27 dresses challenge – I love how she rocks a dress- killerrrr!

I’m dying to try this make up tutorial. OMG.

And finally, this never fails to get a smile out of me ALWAYS.