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The Birthday dress

May 20, 2010

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I had an amazing birthday- the boyf  wrote out i love you in candy, decorated the place & got me a Tiffany’s bracelet, and heaps more. Perfect day 🙂 I’m soooo profile pic-ing the *family picture* haha lookit Ryder’s face!

My dress is from Jeanswest- the boyf shops there so I checked it out. They have cool stuff and sizes too!

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes ♥ being 24 is kinda awesome so far 🙂



  • aaaaaaaaaawsoooooooooooooome!!!!!!!

  • OMG how sweet of him!?!?! Gosh, I now officially love your boyfriend too because he seems to be so good to you!

    Loooooooooove the family profile pic…and I think Ryder is a diva. 😉 lol

  • That dress is so cute on you.

  • That dress is sooo pretty, love it with the belt. You look beautiful.
    That "I love you" is the coolest thing ever. He seems like such a sweet guy.

  • you look beautiful! he seems like the nicest guy 🙂

  • love the dress.. and bf is so sweet to do all that! glad you had an awesome birthday!

  • thanks u guys- he's pretty sweet 😀 and NIk ryder is a total diva!

  • As always, lookin' good!
    That table with Love You spelled out is so awesome!

  • ohh wow how romantic xx and that dress IS amazing xx

  • beautiful dress! and i love your cat 🙂

  • That dress is awesome and a birthday is always better when there is a blue Tiffany's bag involved!

  • Awww! That's so sweet and what's not to love about a Tiffany's bracelet? lmao ;D yay! I hope you had an amazinggg day bb

  • Happy Birthday!! you look adorable!! So does your boyfriend and you little kitty cats! Congratulations. This year seems to have started out well for you.

  • happy belated b day! you look lovely in your outfit, and love the fam. pic. <3 🙂 you're a very lucky girl! 😉

  • awwwwwwwwwwwwe toooo sweet! that's the sweetest cutest thing EVERRRR!! <33 awe happy birthday girlie and I'm so happy you look so happy! I love that!

  • btw I'm making sure I'm showing this to my boy he needs to step up game my bday is in july lol

  • This dress is amazing! You are rocking it!

  • BBM

    LOVE! im so sorry my birthday greeting is so late! im so glad u had an awesome time … the bf did great with all the planning and decorations! how sweet! have the best year ever my dearest!

  • Anonymous

    don't ever give this guy up!! not even for your parents dude!!

  • You look beautiful and you deserved to be spoiled.

    Love the dress, the candy, the considerate boyf and the curious shoulder cat in the photo at the end. x.