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And this is perfection

May 7, 2010

Like most people (at least in Dubai) weekends were usually about partyin’ it up and alcohol but honestly I can’t be bothered with all that stuff any more.

Screw ladies nights or the hottest djs in town- my boyf (who cooks amazing btw) and our new kitties are all I need to have the perfect weekend.

We chilled on the couch with some music and watched Lenny & Ryder tear up the place, did I mention we don’t have a tv? yea, don’t really need one when you have kittens hehe.


Everything from New Look including my new wallet!


Eventually they got tired of their madness and we had our first nap together- AAAWWWWWW♥ I think they like that I’m chubby too hehe  *melts to mush*

  DSC03162 DSC03169

So, I’m having an amazing weekend and there are two more delicious days to go- I’m wearing a new dress tomorrow so you’ll definitely be hearing from me again 🙂 xx

p.s thank you so much for the amazing comments, kittens and boyf aside- you guys seriously make my day ♥



  • You look very "western" hehe.

  • I totally agree! Screw clubs and dj's! Nights at home with the b-fran are theee bestest! You look great, I look forward to this dress my dear <3

  • LOL Nik!! That's what happens when you get a boo! You start staying home. hahaha…

    You look great girlie!!

  • Kittens are the best entertainment of all time. If people didn't think it was strange I could stand in front of the pet store and watch them for hours.
    You look great, such a cute casual look.

  • Wow, your smile says it all – you are happy! I'm so glad for you.

    And, I seriously can't get over how cute those kitties are…awwwww!

  • yeah it comes with age, am not into going out so much either;)
    I cant belive how huge their ears are funny

  • you look great and very cute kittens 🙂

  • classe et sexy ;O)

    bon w end et gratouille au chat ;O)

  • You have the most BEAUTIFUL hair!! I have naturally wavy hair and wish so much that it was more curly, like yours!! It's gorgeous!