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There’s always a Goa dress

April 17, 2010

I found this in the beach side markets and I wasn’t crazy about it to be honest- I’m not the biggest animal print fan. But at 15 aed who the hell cares? I’m a fan of bargains hehe.

DSC_3228     DSC_3217 

Nah, this dress was meant to be worn barefoot.


The dress was dry for about 10 minutes before we were surprised with a crazy rain shower. See? rain drop splats all around me on our terrace. Rain makes me happy btw- I tend to dance in it more than run for shelter.DSC_3255 DSC_3252

And of course, the Goa beads are back. I only bought a few more,  the ones on the left hand are for the new boyfriend (!!! <3) depending on which ones he likes.



Last day at home 🙁

I never get immune to how beautiful my village is- gorgeous skies and sunsets, endless fields, mountains, millions of bird calls and god knows what other animals. All of it gives me a happy buzz each and every visit. It’s almost like *fuck, this is where I’m from?!*

I’ll post pics as proof when I reach Dubai, promise.

Happy weekend everybody 🙂



  • thats a great dress… and i love that picture of you sitting in the rain 🙂 i've missed your posts girl… but i'm glad you've had such a good time back home!

    – Iza

  • Beautiful pics…beautiful place…beautiful dress!! It looks great on you!

  • This dress is perfect for a lazy Saturday afternoon!

  • Nice to hear from you. lovely dress, look forward to seeing your other pics

  • I love this dress! I'm totally digging the off shoulder look:)
    p.s. Cant wait to see more pictures!

  • I like the dress. Very ethnic looking (Im black so I can say that without sounding racist right – lol). The off the shoulder look works for you, and that dress with the beads with the barefeet is adorable. Good deal.

  • Love that dress!xxx

  • It's already nothing new to me, that you look amazing.Dress is brilliant and I like how it fit to the background.I love Your approach to life, you're so well … nice and full of life.

  • that dress is really pretty, love the lace with the animal print. and you look so sweet… and new boyfriend… 😉 lucky man he is.

  • Beautiful pics !!

  • Gorgeous!

  • OMG! your hair and this dress, the tatoos, the bracelets, BAREFEET!


    and just fell in love with you smile! 🙂

    like a strong and feminine amazon! 😀

  • I think you're crazy for liking the rain but these pictures are gorgeous! The setting, the dress, you, fabulous! 😀

  • These are really elegant, beautiful shots.
    I love beads and these look amazing. You have reminded me (fondly) of when I traveled around the pacific – all the villages and clothes and different jewelry to what I was used to… lovely post. x.

  • BBM

    girl …… u seriously are my exotic princess. bbm loves weesha!

  • The dress looks fabulous especially in that background.

  • I love how you layered your bracelets together.. and that dress! Has a tribal feel to it!


    Following your blog, you got some style! 🙂

  • I gave your blog an award here :)!

  • se que tu es jolie,je t envie… !

    bon dimanche ;O)

  • hey hun… i kno u've been kind of mia lately :(… but i gave you a blog award! cuz i miss ya! lolz check it out! 😀 <3

    – Iza

  • Okay I am seriously obsessed with that dress. You look amazing.

  • Wild, Gorgeous, Wild
    Wild as the wind
    Make me feel like
    I gotta do to Goa
    and got to go right now…