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Not her biggest fan

April 1, 2010

but I LOVE this outfit!

4548c397ea01a2fb_Kim-Kardashian (1)




  • I love her style.

    This outfit is so cute

  • I love her. and her bum especially. Although I think she has slimmed down a bit – bugger 😉

  • elle est rayonnante !

    bon w end de Paques ;O)

  • yes. skirt and necklace are amazing

  • Kim has a crazy hot body! She looks gorgeous in just about anything.

  • Hi Weesha! I totally agree with you. I always said that, i think she has a lot of money so she can afford great clothes and has a great body to decorate, but i always found her own personnel style boring and not very original. I do think every once in a while she'll wear somethng that makes me die!

    I also wanted to tell u that i love your blog, u are very authentic and thanx 4 joining the , please stay in touch!


  • It is a cute style, I don’t mind her at all. She’s a part of pop culture. It’s four years later and I love watching her style evolve no matter who’s behind it influencing it. LOL.