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I was right, no?

April 6, 2010

It does look like a cow ran into my legs.


Love the leggings anyway, we’re wearing it anyway 🙂

 DSC_3092 (5) 

New Look top, Splash leggings, BCBG shoes

DSC_3093 (6)

How have we ever lived without killer leggings?? simple, comfortable and can amplify any outfit- God bless the inventor of leggings.

Now I want flower leggings too and it’s all Jennifer’s fault. and Jennifer’s fault again. *sigh



  • grrrr this outfit is hella foxy! 😀

    sheeeeeeesh! I want to rock a club in this sexy ass combination! 😀

    GIRL, that's def an A+++!

  • Psh I like these tie dye leggings!

  • lol @ a cow ran into my legs.
    I like the leggings!

  • LOL you are crazy! I love these on you! You are inspiring me! I wanna try something a lil crazy!

  • There's something about these leggings that make me want to say "FUCK YEAH!" I'm loving them sooooo much! Oh yes…Jennifer it's all your fault! But I love you both for it:)

  • Aw, you're too cute! 😛
    I love these leggings you look FIERCE!! Jeez, I want a pair of my own, these look really really good! you're working it girl! 🙂

    Gabi, aw. (*^_^*)

  • the leggings are just perfect!!

  • BBM

    weesha! anything with those legs look great! FIERCE is the right word … work it, work it! 😉

  • This outfit is too cute & u wear it well! 😀


  • wrong! no way… those leggings look flyyyyy! more like a rorschach image 😉

  • I want flower ones too but cant find cheap. and these r great, really cool.

  • Sal

    It does not! The leggings look amazing. For serious.

  • lmao well cows running into your legs or not, I love them! Just realised my wardrobe is lacking fun leggings.

  • tu as vraiment des jambes superbes,je suis jalouse !!!!!!!¨


  • OMG!!! My sentiments exactly… I just had a pair delivered today… the Faith 21 Cutout edge leggings… and am anticipating the arrival of my Torrid Tye Dye leggings… those are beautiful you're wearing…
    what's funny is last summer was my first attempt at leggings… but if they didn't change my life 🙂

  • Cute! I really really want flower leggings as well… sigh.

  • I love those leggings. I think Torrid had some (I think they are sold out now) they were in my shopping bag for the longest for some reason I couldnt bring myself to buy them (I know the reason – Im broke), So I'll live vicariously through you. Those leggings are hot and I love them with the off the shoulder look. Superb. Your gorgeous.

  • Wow, you look great! You are so beautiful! 🙂 Thanks for following my blow, I am now following yours as well, and I enjoyed your blog so much that it`s now on my blogroll 🙂

    Stay fab!
    xxx Anika

  • ehem, thanks for following my well as my blow HAHHAHHAHA. ;D