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April 5, 2010


Is it just me or does this picture of 4 year old me explain so much? especially this blog? hahaha I love this picture!

A lil’ late but I wanted to wish you a Happy Easter, hope yours went well too?

I’m going shopping with a guy friend today, he wants to check out New Look.

And I’m still broke.

May the force be with me 🙁

p.s will be brave today by daring to wear tie- dyed tights even though to be honest it looks like a cow ran into my legs. Will have photographic proof of this, promise.

p.p.s Thank you for your amazing comments on the denim shirt post! I’ve been all giddy with happiness about this and it’s starting to annoy my non- denim shirt wearing friends 🙂



  • haha this picture is quality!
    lots of love

  • aww so cute!

  • This is perfect…love your purse and outfit even back then!! =)


  • BBM

    it sure does explain a ton! i love this sweetie! thanks for sharing!

  • Aww this is too cute!

  • Roanna Fernandes