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May 14, 2009

Back in Goa, Nana’s house has a huge suitcase/ time capsule. Heaps of black and white albums for so many family occasions. It’s eerie seeing pictures of my folks in their teens, I wonder what it was like for them back then. If I was the same age then, would we have been friends? Were they as confused and screwed up? Ambitious? Pot heads? (kidding!)


Anyhoo, here we go:


So this is what a Goan family in the 50s would look like I guess. My dad is the little boy on the right, in the tie hehe.


That’s Grandpa on the right. Supposedly, I take after him in every way- looks, personality, habits, creativity, everything. Major compliment.


Da singing his heart out in the church choir =D (left most with the tie)


Ma & Da- highschool sweethearts. My mom was known for being quite the fashionista back in the day, can’t believe how short some of her dresses were!!



17 year old Da, horse riding.


I wonder what my kids will think of my pictures.